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About Cecilie Noer

It has been 4 years since Cecilie Noer released her debut album Mindwhisper. At that time, she had little musical experience, but knew that she had to write songs because new melodies kept coming to her. Now, four years later, she knows the difference between minor and major chords and the melodies are still coming. Now she is ready to release her new single, ‘Breathe It In’.

She just signed a record deal with ‘a e s t h e t i c / Sony Music Denmark’, whom she will release her next album with. Cecilie Noer has been flirting quite a bit with jazz.” It worked for me as a creative room for writing melodies and for investigating my vocal range and capacity. But I always knew that jazz wasn’t for me”.

Instead, Cecilie has found her own musical color in the new single, ‘Breathe It In’, where she mixes dreaming pop vibes with recognizable melodies and mysterious poetry in a neo-hippie environment. With her unique vocal in front, she has worked with the Danish producer Hillebrandt and the award-winning producer Kewan to find her true sound. She can be described as organic, pure and original. This music is a soundtrack to so many situations in an everyday life.


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