1. Beautiful Man

Once I was told of a great man
He lives quietly by the sea
His life tells a story somewhat differently
Of hope and peace that could be

And he can tell the sea to be still
When a storm is coming in
And the thunder will stop
At the mention of his name

And I can tell of his great plan
And you are the leading role
In times that went by so painfully
His story forever told

And I can tell, he sat there quietly,
His eyes did burn
A beautiful man is he
And you will never find him
‘Cause he has found you first
And you will never be the same,
Once you’ve seen his eyes
His warm eyes are burning for you

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2. Great and Wild Unknown

Reaching for the sky above
Reaching for the little white dove
To show us the way
From the east to the west
To where it is best to surf
At the edge of life

I can see it in your eyes
Even you, you cannot hide
That you have no regrets,
When we drive from the east to the west
Searching for happiness
And son of God knows

That we’re driving and the wind blows,
I can hardly see the road
And it feels like we’re flying
To where the sun is
It’s the great and wild unknown
You should never look back
When the world is at your feet

It’s like a smile is stuck on my face
Suddenly I’ve found myself again
And you will see a girl
Blossom from inside out
Waiting to arise, leaving my fear behind

While look at the sea, I see it’s blue,
Just like your eyes
I wonder how many ships
Which sailed here travelling away
And I wonder if any got lost
Or if they would look at stars like us
Which streams would take them away
And if they come back one day
Would they tell about the lights
In the sky…

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3. Fly

Raindrops flying up
Happy feet dance all night and all the days too
Trying to keep warm while the snowflakes from above
Is all around you
Time measured in days
And I celebrate each one
As I count them
Chasing autumn leaves and the golden street
I walk upon in daydreams

So let me just fly
I now how to come back
When you call out my name
Or when I try to count the stars
Or fall into the waves
I learn of your secret place

Dreaming of a song
As I write it, I will sing it with the angels
You might ask me why, I can tell you
There is more to it than letters
Will you fly with me, I can show you
A world, you never knew of
Cause you’re a shining star
A beautiful diamond
No one could pay for

The night so full
Of stars that’s sparkling
They dont tell me why
I’m so exited
By the whisper of this sight

No painter could ever draw
No photo could ever catch
The stars I’m looking at

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4. Tiden står stille

Tiden står stille nu
Jeg sidder her og venter på
At solen bryder frem
Som vækker alt det dvælende

Stråler af en sol, vi næppe så.
At sidde her, hvor den varmer mig
På min kind,
Jeg ønsker mig at være hos dig

For mange dage er gået
Og mørket tog det tunge læs
Og blomster, eng og græs
Var rigtig godt gemt væk

Som manden venter på sin brud,
At vente i al evighed,
Samles alle tanker om det.
Og så når døren går op,
En evig glæde vælder op,
Der gælder alle som tror.

Tror på at bruden kommer ind,
Kan varme os med sit milde
Og trygge sind,
Ja se, nu er vinteren slut

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5. Rainbows End

Lookin’ outside the window
I dare not to dream myself far away
While walking by the sea
I hear a whisper in my ear
And I can hear it loud
Life is too short to stay

Take your coat and hat on
And I will show you where to go
And you will never regret
If you do what I say
But I fear that it is a lie
Though the way is so clear
Though my dreams are so clear

And dreams they don’t go away,
They’ll stay ever in my mind
As leaves fall from the tree
I hear a whisper in my ear
And I can hear it loud,
Life is too short to stay

Like the morning dew that dries away
While the golden light of sun rays
Dries away the last tear from my face
Like the cold refreshing rain
That is dripping while I walk
Like a melody that never stops
It just keeps on and on
It’ll never stop
It’ll lead me to
My rainbow end

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6. The Girl With the Red Hair

There is a poor boy nobody knows
He has no want of silver or gold
He lives in his tree on the edge of the world
And when he dreams, he dreams of a girl

The girl with the red hair
Somewhere out there
The girl with the red hair
Somewhere out there

There is a young man starting to grow
His dreams makes him strong,
Yeah his dreams makes him bold
He chops down his tree
And he sails ’round the world
Chasing the dream, yeah he’s chasing the girl

There is a rich man, nobody sees
He drove himself crazy
Yeah he cut down all the trees
He lives in his big house
And owns all the world
He’s haunted by dreams, yeah he dreams of a girl

There is a dead man nobody cried
He never found love no he never lived life
Now I’m not to blame she was there every turn
He was chasing the dream, instead of chasing the girl

Lyrics and music: Andy Wallis

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7. Mind Whisperer #1


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8. Mind Whisperer #2

The whisper of my mind,
You’re asleep the lights are out
How can it be that you’re still here with me
The moon will not fly away,
The lights are here from yesterday
How can it be when my mind is like a mystery

But the face I see when the day has gone
And when you go to sleep
Will you wake me
‘Cause the time we’ve spent is like a fairytale
It’s like we’ve gone somewhere else
In springtime

Stardust’s a work of art
And so is a new start
When you let go
Of the past that locks your soul
‘Cause you are free, free to go
The man of God who loves you so
The whisper of your mind
The golden key to life

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9. Time

Raindrops on roses are fine,
Colours of blue from the sky
You cannot be at two places at once,
So walk the way of your best choice
Walls of thorns surrounds you
While your freedom flies up and away
Time couldn’t bear with your style
So it stopped ticking your time away

So now you sit here by yourself,
Wondering when you got of the track
Silence so noisy it leaves you not alone
Would you would you go to the place unknown
Tour heart’s a beat of drums
And your smile is a piece of art
Your song so beautiful
Did you forget your sense of joy

So everything you ever wished or hoped for,
Every track you ever dared to walk on
Search within your soul
When grass is singing and the fields are glowing,
They dont worry ’bout a thing tomorrow,
It’s taken care of before
So please would you stop judging yourself
For all the things that went wrong
You can’t live life so differently
When you think of all that was before

Morning will never be late
Sunshine will shine up your face
Even though you can’t believe that is true
The hope in your eyes does
Walls of truth surrounds you
While all the lies fly up and away
Time will start ticking again
Once you start living your life, my friend

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10. Efterår

I dag så jeg det første blad af efterår,
Der trænger sig på og ikke mere gir os fred,
Og gyldne gader ser jeg mer’,
De’ fyldt med blade fra de træer,
Der lyste grønt i sommeren

Og jeg forundres af,
At min skaber ønsker mig mer’.
Hvorfor ser jeg ikke det,
Når det bliver koldt udenfor

Men du er lys, der skinner for mig,
At jeg ikke farer vild på min vej og jeg vil
vente her på dig
For du er min og jeg er din
Og vi vil fare et andet sted hen,
Hvor vi kan finde freden,
Der altid kan komme ind

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11. The Last Minutes


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