Cecilie Noer & Copenhagen Jazz Festival

image(4)On the 3rd of July i’ll be playing with my favourite band members on Copenhagen Jazz Festival. (Andy Wallis, Klaus Holm Gaarn, Dina Høyer, David T. Mortensen) Since we are celebrating jazz, we will jazz up the songs!! Feel free to invite..

Helligåndskirken, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 5, 1153 København. 9:00 PM.

Interview about Mindwhisper in French Magazine

French magazine

I am exited to announce that the French Magazine “La Plume des Avocats Parisiens” is bringing an article about Mindwhisper. So if you understand French, you can read my story about how the album was brought to life, why two of the songs are Danish and about what inspired me to write the songs.

Private concerts on Friday


I am looking forward to this friday on the 9th of January. I have a little concert on two hospices in Copenhagen and Frederiksværk. I will play some of the songs from Mindwhisper and just some jazz standards and hymns. This is my chance to be something for the ones, who are going through a life crisis. I will bring my dad, Bo Nielsen, who will play the piano. A special time. #bethankfulforeverymomentinlife